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Greg Jaunich: Current Director of Ethics

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Greg Jaunich has been working hard, mostly in the wind energy business, for the past two decades. Greg Jaunich has worked for grain companies as well as various other places. Greg Jaunich has founded companies, he has created companies from the ground up and he has even lead companies by pulling double-duty as their president and chief executive officer. Even though Greg Jaunich has worked in many different capacities for various different companies, he has kept one element consistent in all of his work. Greg Jaunich believes that a solid and honest code of ethics is the most important thing a business can have.

“It does not matter if you are just starting a business, if you are growing an established business or if you are two weeks from retirement, maintaining a strong code of ethics is extremely vital to success. If you do not maintain a solid code of ethics, other businesses will not want to work with you and that is just the beginning. Your business will be destined for failure if you do not follow some sort code of ethics. Actions can be taken within a business organization to help foster a culture of ethical decision making,” says Greg Jaunich.

Now that Greg Jaunich has worked as a CEO and president of different companies, he is trying his hand as a director of ethics for various private businesses. As the ethics director, Greg Jaunich is responsible for making sure all of the decisions that are being made by the company are being made with a code of ethics in mind. If the company’s decisions to not fit with the ethics in place, Greg Jaunich will have to alter the decision to make sure that it does fit in with the ethics instilled throughout the entire company. Ethics do not stop anywhere in the company, they are followed by every single employee of the firm, owners, chief executive officers and presidents included.


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