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Civic Achievements of Greg Jaunich

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Greg Jaunich has had a very successful career working in the wind energy industry. He currently lectures and teaches ethics as a guest lecturer and adjunct professor to students at the undergraduate and the graduate level. Greg Jaunich also serves as the director of ethics for various privately owned companies.


While his business career has been as successful as it is impressive, Greg Jaunich also holds many civic achievements. From 1997 until the year 2002, Greg Jaunich served as the treasurer and as the director of the American Wind Energy Association. The American Wind Energy Association is a nationally recognized trade organization made specifically for the entire wind energy industry. Greg Jaunich even received a commercial achievement award from the American Wind Energy Association for his outstanding work in the wind energy field back in the year 2000.

Greg Jaunich is an active volunteer participant in the development of renewable energy policies at St. Johns University. Greg Jaunich is active in wind resource assessment, potential educational component for campus wind turbine as well as wind turbine citing and measurement.

Greg Jaunich has studied  the feasibility of placing a wind turbine at numerous educational institutions. The wind turbines at these schools would be used for energy purposes as well as educational purposes.

Greg Jaunich is even a fan of hockey. Years ago, Greg Jaunich acted as a promoter as well as acting as an investor in the Minnesota Made Hockey Ice Center; a two rink arena established in 2006 in Edina, Minnesota.

Greg Jaunich is quite active in his community. Greg Jaunich acts and has acted as a parent coach at the Minnesota Made Hockey Ice Center . He also acts as a parent coach for different youth hockey associations. Greg Jaunich was recently hired as a strategic consultant for the Gem Lake Lodge and Heritage Ice Arena, dedicated to bringing a hotel and new Olympic size ice arena to White Bear Lake, Minnesota. In 2012, Greg Jaunich was a guest speaker at the University of Minnesota, speaking about criminal law ethics.


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